Responsibility and powerlessness

Writers lack a corrective tool that could help them edit texts. Communication management may also be unaware of whether written documents, published on the business´website are readable to the users, despite whether the job description is responsible for this, on behalf of the municipality.

Management has so far not been able to test out the texts prior to publication - other than by guesswork. The question is whether management will continue to accept the responsibility it has been given, while knowing the readability is not up to standards for the relevant recipient  group. 

It may be unacceptable to publish texts with red scores. Persistent red scores will have an impact on the writer´s self-image, and will also affect the business´over employees, as well as local politicians and the public. 

Experience has shown that negative reviews spread quickly throughout social media. Red scores will hardly be reassuring with respect to integration and democratization in multicultural society as ours. And after all, that´s what it´s all about. 

Competitive power

Are readable websites also important for private businesses? Of course! Readable and comprehensible texts for specific recipient groups can give essential competitive power. 

Market situations indicate that businesses should use all legal competitive measures to improve its reputation and economic growth when it becomes clear that readable and comprehensible texts are adapted to specific target groups. The number of websites that score red or yellow in the pre-test indicate precisely that this is the case. 

Note: Greentext - suitable for analyses and entire websites - has been developed with the aid of the University of Agder, and partly finances by the Research Council of Norway. 

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