How readable are the websites?

#ReadabilityList ranks public and private websites according to readability. A high number of them have text that can be difficult to read - and this is indicated with a red color. It the text is yellow, it should be edited and improved. Websites that have been given a green color are few, but good exceptions. 

The analysis was performed using a special version of an application called Greentext - This tool functions as an objective correction of subjective guesswork about text readability. Algorithms are based on research and universal design. 


US / CA / UK / AU
Readability score:
78.00 / 100
The Sidney Sun -
Readability score:
76.36 / 100
Host Sidney -
Readability score:
76.00 / 100
Soap Creative -
Readability score:
75.82 / 100
Quantas -
Readability score:
75.80 / 100
Readability score:
75.22 / 100
Fenton Stephens Ad Agency -
Readability score:
75.12 / 100
Sidney Herald -
Readability score:
73.39 / 100
Sidney Daily News -
Readability score:
73.25 / 100
Naked Communications -
Readability score:
72.73 / 100

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This is January 4th, of 2037. On on your stuff before posting unreadable.
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What is is a website that measures and ranks the readability of public and private websites in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. Readability is one of several criteria that have the greatest importance with respect to reading and understanding public and private information.

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Responsibility and powerlessness

Writers lack a corrective tool that could help them edit texts. Communication management may also be unaware of whether written documents, published on the business´website are readable to the users, despite whether the job description is responsible for this, on behalf of the municipality.

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What is universal design?

This concept is used synonymously with the "design for everyone" and applies to availability with the respect to community planning, design, architecture, service and product development. 

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What determines the readability?

According to an international survey*, where the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research was involved, one in three adult Norwegians has difficulty in reading Norwegian. 

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