What is ReadabilityList.com?

ReadabilityList.com is a website that measures and ranks the readability of public and private websites in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. Readability is one of several criteria that have the greatest importance with respect to reading and understanding public and private information.

Readability is also essential for widespread participation in all areas of society, for the best possible benefit from websites, for the maximum use one websites, and for the best possible use of available information. Available information refers to more than that the information simply exists, it mus also be readable and comprehensible to the public.

So far, all assessment of readability has been subjective. There is usually and editor, a colleague or a webmaster that evaluates and approves a text or an article before it is published. ReadabilityList.com uses objective measurements to analyse and rank a website. Hundreds of websites are analyzed and measured precisely and objectively, regardless of experience, level, personal relationships, importance, vanity or research on readability, the brainĀ“s limitations, and current laws regarding accessibility form the basis for our measurements. 

Ranking is done using traffic light colors of green, yellow and red, accompanied by number values. Websites that are distinguished by green color are highly satisfactory in terms of readability. Yellow websites have a major potential for improvement, and those who are given a "red light" should stop and carry out thorough improvement measures. In this regard, the application Greentext - www.green-text.com - is a valuable and timesaving tool. 

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